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Investment Philosophy

Our aim is to help clients secure their financial future. Exposure to investment markets results in degrees of risk and it is important to recognise this from the outset and establish clear objectives and realistic expectations. Although risk cannot be avoided we believe it can be mitigated and key in our approach is the avoidance of large losses from which it can be difficult to recover within a reasonable time-frame. We believe such setbacks can be avoided by prudent asset allocation and careful fund selection. Diversification without excessive dilution of returns is at the heart of our approach.

We believe in developing our own in-house views on opportunity and risk rather than following consensus opinion. We test our views on asset allocation for their implications for client portfolios and make adjustments within control ranges when necessary.

We believe careful fund selection is an integral part of creating a successful investment result. Part of this is knowing when it is better to pay up for expected excess return and when it is better to take a low cost route of simply tracking an asset class or market.

By skilfully blending asset allocation and fund selection we believe we can deliver the objective of creating beneficial returns while avoiding financially damaging setbacks.

Although we strive to produce steady and consistent returns for our clients it has to be acknowledged that this cannot be guaranteed. Such is the nature of investment markets. What can be guaranteed is portfolios will never suffer from damaging neglect.