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The rationale behind our charging Structure

Our Fees can be calculated on the following basis:


Fixed Fees


Hourly rates


Product Commission


Percentage of funds invested

We are Chartered Independent Financial Advisers.

We are an independent business and we do not receive incentives or kickbacks from any of the companies that we deal with. By maintaining this Independence we believe our customers will receive “Best Advice” All or staff are full remunerated and do not receive remuneration by way of commission. All staff undergo regular CPD and are encouraged and incentivised to further their professional development.

We aim to charge less than the large firms of IFAs whilst offering superior levels of advice and continuity. Our charges are based on value rather than purely on a time spent basis.

We will try to be transparent about fees at all times. It is more expensive for our business to remain Independent however we feel this is best for our clients.

Fee & Advice Points in the Journey:

1. Initial Planning Fee. This is a fixed fee to produce an analysis of your circumstances and provide a recommendation as to the best way of achieving your objectives in the areas of Protection, Retirement Planning, Saving & Investing.

2. Implementation Fee. This is a fixed or percentage based fee to implement any products, investment strategies or insurance contracts based on the above recommendation.

3. Ongoing Review Fee. This is a fixed or percentage based fee to provide an agreed ongoing service proposition. This would comprise investment oversight, tracking progress against agreed objectives, tax optimisation etc.

They can be paid directly to us OR can be deducted (where contract features allow) from financial products (e.g.) your pension or ISA fund.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

Warren Buffet